Natalie Smith

Chief Operating Officer & EEA QPPV

Natalie Smith, Chief Operating Officer has 20 years Pharmacovigilance experience of which 8 years were spent in developing a Global PV department in an orphan drug rare diseases company.

During her time in pharmacovigilance Natalie has worked for other Pharmacovigilance Service providers and Biotechnology companies. She has helped develop disease registries for Orphan Drug Products and managed, analysed and presented on the safety information coming out of these registries.

She spent 4 years in her own consultancy where she supported a number of companies in pharmacovigilance activities such as inspection support, audits and as an EEA QPPV.

Natalie has worked for PrimeVigilance for 6 years during which time she has assisted in the growth of the Company and has overseen Pharmacovigilance and Medical Information operations.

More recently, Natalie has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer and now sits on the PrimeVigilance Board of Directors.