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Our Core philosophy ensures quality is always Measured, Evaluated and Acted upon.

Quality Management

Quality in PrimeVigilance is achieved throughout our medical information service through good leadership practices in our management team, comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures, detailed Operating Guidelines and extensive training of all call handling staff to ensure consistency and compliance at all times.

PrimeVigilance’s comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures are themselves backed up by Operational guidelines, with instructions for every step of the process.

Measure, Evaluate, and Act

Quality and compliance to Standard Operating Procedures and Operating Guidelines are assessed by PrimeVigilance on a continual basis. Employee abilities are assessed through internal certification programmes and extensive training and guidance is provided to ensure that quality and consistency are maintained.

Ensuring quality and maintaining consistency.

Query management metrics are gathered in a continuous “real time” automated system, collating metrics via the medical information query management system and call centre.
These automated monitoring systems enable PrimeVigilance to implement additional assessment where appropriate. PrimeVigilance can assemble further data through a number of activities which might include customer satisfaction surveys and mystery inquirer reports.

PrimeVigilance’s “Measure, Evaluate and Act” approach ensures that compliance is achieved not just at individual audits and inspections but as an on-going modus operandi.