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Complete Medical Information services from PrimeVigilance

Query Management

Multilingual Call Handling Service

query-management-01PrimeVigilance’s team of experienced healthcare professionals are ready to support all your medical information requirements in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Slovakian and Polish languages. Additionally, PrimeVigilance can support other languages by utilising an in-line translation service.

Multichannel Call Handling Service

query-management-02In addition to handling the traditional medical information communication channels of telephone, email, fax and letter, PrimeVigilance are also able to support your social media requirements. PrimeVigilance can also design, create and host a medical information website or portal for your company or individual products.

Medical Information Query Management System

query-management-03PrimeVigilance’s medical information query management system (agInquirer) is a validated system. Access to the system and the information held within it is governed by Standard Operating Procedures and Operating Guidelines, ensuring no unauthorised access to the system.

The medical information query management system is fully integrated with the pharmacovigilance system for efficient handling and processing of adverse events.

Standard Resolution Documents

Standard Resolution DocumentsPrimeVigilance offer a range of associated query management services, and this includes:

  • Frequently Ask Question (FAQ) and Standard Response Document creation and maintenance
  • Literature Screening and review
  • Medical Writing

Adverse Event and Product Quality Complaint Handling

query-management-05Working with you, PrimeVigilance will create Operating Guidelines on how you would like adverse events and product quality complaints, in relation to your products, handled.

As experienced pharmacovigilance professionals, the medical information team are fully trained in criteria for adverse event reporting to the authorities. PrimeVigilance are equipped to conduct case follow-up and even full case processing on your behalf.

PrimeVigilance conduct reconciliation activities weekly ensuring all adverse events and product quality complaints have been processed timely and correctly inline with SOPs.

Out-Of-Hours Service Provision

query-management-06In addition to covering standard business hours of operation, PrimeVigilance can provide a 24 hour service, 365 days a year if required, ensuring you a round-the-clock medical information service.