PrimeVigilance is proud to announce and welcome Dr. Michael Forstner as Head of Pharmacoepidemiology and Risk Management. Dr Forstner is a well-known expert in pharmacovigilance and a specialist in areas of risk management, risk minimisation, and pharmacoepidemiology in particular.

He will be responsible for establishing a new revenue stream in this highly attractive premium part of pharmacovigilance, to meet the demands of our existing, as well as new clients. By this action, PrimeVigilance has met one of its strategic objectives.

Dr Jan Petracek, PrimeVigilance CEO, states, “The primary driver for the need of pharmacoepidemiology is increased enforcement by regulators worldwide to generate pharmacovigilance real-world evidence. This is closely linked with pharmacovigilance planning and risk management, which have now entered a new phase of maturity. As a result, with a vast majority of new products, and almost always when an important safety concern is identified, post-authorization safety and/or efficacy studies are requested by the regulator.”

Please, join us in welcoming Dr. Forstner to our fast growing company!

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